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Legend of Zelda Fan Fic pg.84 by girldirtbiker Legend of Zelda Fan Fic pg.84 :icongirldirtbiker:girldirtbiker 46 25
Lost and Found chapter 9
Vio slams the door to the bathroom, locking it immediately. They didn't believe him. Not even Shadow believed him... They think he did it to himself. At first, he's shaking with rage, but that soon fades to depression. He sinks to the floor, his back against the bathroom door. He buries his head in his hands and cries loudly. He's wracked with sorrow. His cries are hollow and filled with pain. The dizziness returns as his head pounds. What proof did he really have? What if they're right and his mind just fabricated the shadow as a defense? Right now he doesn't know what's real and what isn't...
Shadow sits in silence, staring intently at the coffee table in front of him. He can't believe that just happened. None of them dare speak a word. Vio's hollow weeps echo through the house, causing everyone to be lost for words. All they can do is listen. Well, all but Blue who is the first to speak up.
"What if he hurts himself while in there?" <
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 3 0
Lost and Found chapter 8
Green, Shadow, Red and Blue sit around the dinner table, talking about Vio and his situation.
"So you guys found him alone with a stab wound?" Red asks. They all nod.
"If I'm being honest, I think he did it to himself." Green says plainly.
"What makes you think that, Green?" Shadow asks, shocked that green would even suggest such a thing.
"Well, when you think about it, he has been acting really strange since the end of our adventure... would it really be such a surprise if he just decided to end himself?" Blue adds, shrugging his shoulders.
"Maybe not... He has seem far less attentive to himself." Red adds.
"Well... you guys are the ones that have been around him this whole time... You're more than likely right... But... why?" Shadow asks.
"Maybe the guilt was too much for him?" Green says, looking at Shadow. They all shrug and decide that Green's assumption is probably
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 2 0
Lost and Found chapter 7
"We don't know, Red." Blue says simply. "He went to retrieve my  sword that Green flung into the forest and he hasn't come back yet. He probably refuses to return without it."
"Oh. Well that doesn't sound like something Vio would do? He wouldn't risk getting sick just to get a sword?" Red explains, with a very confused tone.
Shadow's eyes widen. "He's right. Does it really sound like Vio to be out in the rain looking for a sword? He'd just turn around and return home without it!" Shadow stands up quickly and grabs a spare coat, and a knife. "I'm going to go find him!" Shadow bolts out and right into the forest.
"Wait! Shadow! Stop!" Green yells for Shadow, while grabbing his coat and running after Shadow. Blue and Red look at each other, worried.
"Red. Stay here. I'll go, too." Blue runs off to catch up with Shadow and Green. Blue would usually only go so he c
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 2 0
Lost and Found chapter 6
Not too long afterwards, Blue, Red, and Green leave for the day. Green is off to a date with Zelda, Blue is off to train with the royal guards, and Red is off to shop for groceries.
Vio looks up at the sky. "It seems that it's gonna begin to rain again today or tomorrow."
"Is that a bad thing, Vi?" Shadow asks, shuffling the deck of cards he held in his hands.
"Not really. I think the rain is peaceful. It's calming." Vio sighs and picks up his cards as Shadow deals them.
"Vio... What's wrong? You're acting different since we last met." Shadow tosses another card towards Vio.
"Seeing what happened to you messed me up, I guess... I was eaten with guilt for so long... but now you're here, and I'm not sure what to do... I guess I assumed you'd hate me, Shadow." Vio admits, organizing his cards by suit.
"I understand, Vi. I'm not mad at you, alright? I'm just glad we can be friends now. Just... promise me th
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 2 0
Lost and Found chapter 5
Vio stands up and stretches. "Alright, I'm going to go get a shower."
"Alright, Vi." Shadow smiles and watches Vio leave the room. As soon as he leaves, Shadows smile melts into a serious expression.
"So, What's wrong with him?" Shadow asks, a somber tone in his voice.
"We aren't sure." Green admits, sighing and looking away from Shadow.
"He's been this way since the end of our adventure." Blue comments, walking in from the laundry room and sitting down on the couch next to them.
"Really? He's been like this for that long?" Shadow sighs and twiddles his thumbs.
"Yeah... He's a lot more silent now... and he's got a shorter temperament now..." Red adds in.
"He walks far more gracefully, and is constantly filling up notebooks with things. He won't let us see what's inside the books, though." Green says, sighing in frustration.
"Huh.... I've noticed he walk
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 3 0
Lost and Found chapter 4
The broken shards of the mirror glow and slowly reform into one piece. The mirror soon glows a dark purple light, and a shadowy figure steps out from the mirror, shattering it once more once he has stepped out. A grave mistake has been made.... the shadowy figure swiftly flees the castle, with its target in mind...
Shadow is awoken the next afternoon to find Blue yelling at Green for not folding the laundry, Vio reading and drinking coffee  and Red cleaning up the living room. Shadow yawns and stretches.
"Good morning, everyone." Shadow says as he sits next to Vio on the couch.
"It's not morning anymore, Shadow. It's noon." Vio teased, gently elbowing Shadow.
"Well, It's morning for me, and that's what counts, right?" Shadow smirks and gently nudges Vio back.
"Good afternoon, Shadow!" Red smiles and hugs Shadow tightly. They all missed Shadow a lot. Even though they didn't have a lot of time w
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Lost and Found chapter 3
Shadow slowly opens his eyes and sits up."Woah... what happened?" Shadow mumbles, shaking his head slowly before stretching.
Despite his arm being in immense pain, Vio runs over to Shadow and hugs him tightly. Vio isn't sure why, but Shadow calms him. Vio's eyes start to well up with tears as he clings to Shadow in a tight embrace. "Shadow.... I'm so sorry..."
Shadow smirks and hugs Vio tightly. "I forgive you, Vi." Shadow says as he pats Vio on the back.
The other Color Guard aren't sure what to do at first, but Red and Green soon smirk and pull Shadow, Vio, and Blue into a big group hug, much to Blue's chagrin.
"Welcome back, Shadow!" Red giggles and hugs them tighter.
Green simply pats Shadow's back affectionately and flashes Shadow a smile.
Blue groans and squirms in the tight hug. "Yeah yeah, welcome back Shadow. Now can you
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 2 0
Lost and Found chapter 2
The Color Guard are lead into the throne room and are greeted by the Princess. Vio clutches his book tightly and bows with the rest of the Color Guard. Green happily bounces up and embraces his girlfriend.
"You're acting childish, Green. Remember why we're here." Blue scoffs. Blue and Green aren't exactly fond of each other. They're rivals and as such, don't get along very well.
"Hey, they're dating, Blue. Cut him some slack. I'm sure if you had a girlfriend you'd act the same way." Red says, lightly reprimanding Blue.
"I'm sorry to cut the moment short, but we've brought the book. So if I may be so bold, may we get to the reason we're here, Princess?" Vio says, looking at Zelda.
"Of course we can, Vio." Zelda gently takes the book, and starts using a spell to repair the dark mirror. It will only work just enough so that Vio could reach in and pull shadow out.
"Vio, y
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 3 0
Lost and Found chapter 1
"You sure are takin' your sweet time there, aren't you, Vio?" Blue said, tapping his foot impatiently.
"I can only read the titles of the books so fast, Blue." Vio said as he skimmed through the thousands of books neatly set on the seemingly endless shelves.
"So the book Vio is looking for can bring shadow back, right?" Red asks while setting down a book he had been looking through.
"That's what Zelda said." Green sighs. "Though I'm unsure as to why she only told Vio the title of it. This would go much faster had she told all of us."
"You guys can stop your childish impatience. I've found it." Vio holds up the large book, making sure to cover the title of it with his hand.
Red and blue sigh, obviously thankful that they don't have to stand and wait anymore. Vio walks up to pay for the book. Green holds Blue and Red back for a moment, just out of Vio's earshot.
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 4 0
Lost and Found Prologue
It's been a year since the fall of Vaati. A year since the Color Guard were successful on their quest to save Hyrule, and the princess.
Still, cocky and headstrong, is always at odds with Blue.Spends most of his time at the castle. Now dates Princess Zelda.Keeps his hair brushed back; Never allows it past his earlobes.Wears his traditional tunic unaltered, as Zelda requested.Carries around the sword Zelda knighted him with.
Still very hotheaded, and is always fighting with Green.Spends most of his time training and dueling with others.Strives to be better than Green.Keeps his hair cut short to keep it out of his eyes.Wears his tunic and not his undershirt, to show his muscles off.Never is seen without his sword and hammer. 
Spends the days cooking and baking.Is a pacifist now.Believes that all fights can be resolved through talking.Keeps his hair the same as always. Poofy but not to
:iconvicktoryu12:vicktoryu12 1 0
sheik and link and sheik...SOON by Astatos-Luna sheik and link and sheik...SOON :iconastatos-luna:Astatos-Luna 113 107
Unplanned: Ch 3
Chapter 3: Elders' Verdict
Renji sighed, his laughter dying down as he leaned against a tree beside the koi pond. He smiled softly as he looked at the calm waters, until a koi jumped, sending ripples across the glass like surface. "Funny how things can end up," he mumbled.
"Huh?" Ichigo looked over to the pondering redhead. It wasn't like Renji to be so deep in thought.
"I was just thinking, it's weird how things turn out," Renji repeated, rephrasing his words this time.
"You mean like how you can think everything's normal, and then find out one of your best friends is pregnant with his boss' kid?" Ichigo asked, his voice teasing.
Renji laughed, "Yeah, like that." His smile died, and he looked up to the branches of the tree above him. The sigh that left him this time wasn't happy, but distressed. The sound drew Ichigo's attention.
"Hey," he knelt down so he was eye level with the other, "What's wrong?"
Renji didn't meet Ichigo's eyes. "Is it wrong to want to keep it?" he whis
:iconaliendroid:aliendroid 12 4
Mature content
Unplanned: Ch 2 :iconaliendroid:aliendroid 11 31
Unplanned: Ch 1
Chapter 1: An Impossible Situation
Renji watched as Ichigo cut through the mask of the hollow that had appeared. As the orange haired teen slowly came back down to the ground his vision swam. Reaching up he clutched his head, it felt light. He swayed on his feet, unable to keep his balance for some reason. The fight hadn't been that hard. He wasn't even injured, so why? As he considered the possibilities, his vision went black and he fell.
"Renji!" Ichigo's concerned voice echoed in the air as the Vice-Captain fell to the ground. He hadn't been hit. The hollow they were fighting had been weak. There was no reason for Renji to fall. Rushing to his friend's side, he knelt down, and glanced at his face. "Hey, Renji, get a hold of yourself! What's wrong?" Even with Ichigo's pathetic ability to sense reiatsu, he could tell that something was wrong with Renji's.
"Ichigo, what's going on?" Rukia asked coming to stand beside him. "Renji, what happened?"
As he lay there Renji could he
:iconaliendroid:aliendroid 18 6
Mature content
Dognapped :iconaliendroid:aliendroid 3 5




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